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Interchangeable Appliqué Wall calendar (SE136)


This Calendar cost $36 and is for the 5x7 hoop

The photos and pictures used in the display is not part of the design and is not included.


Included with this collection you will receive the calendars for

2016, 2017, 2018, 2019  and 2020


Full Instructions included

Additional Information:

This unique calendar consists out of 24 " envelopes" , attached to each other to form a superb wall hanging for to be used in basically any room you choose. In the envelopes you add the different months and there is enough space to alternate between photos and the different calendars.  Instead of photos you can also insert notes or your birthday list next to each month.  You can also build your own theme calendar by instead of adding photos of the family by adding pictures of dogs, cats or whatever catches your fancy.  This structure of the calendar is done only once and then you just replace the calendars each year with the replaceable calendars.  With this calendar, you will receive the 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017  and 2018 calendars absolutely free of charge with your purchase.

Wall Calendar

Empty PocketsCalendar

Front Panel

Back Panel

Replaceable Calendar

H: 112.33/4.42"   x W: 120.31/4.73"

Front Panel

H: 120.63/4.74"   x W: 127.83/5.03"

Back Panel-a

H: 120.18/4.73"   x W: 127.78/5.03"


machine embroidery designs

Price $36.00


The following replaceable calendars (refill's) are included with your purchased.







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